Rolling Circle Press

Mill Valley, California

Guerrilla wedding

Someone thought up this scheme as a way to distribute materiél to groups of fighters. It happened at a staged wed­ding at a park in Mejicanos. Some cadres showed up and decorated the park with streamers and cutouts of hearts and lovebirds. There was a guitar band, a priest, mountains of presents on tables. Guests came from all over the city, people who were strang­ers to the neighborhood, which in itself didn’t look right. The presents actually contained grenades, pis­tols, ammo clips, howitzer parts. It was strange to see the guests departing with the gifts and the bride and groom hanging around empty-handed, sip­ping champagne with the priest. It all came undone when neighborhood kids showed up expecting free sandwiches and there weren’t any; this important detail had been overlooked. The so-called guests va­moosed before the counterrevolutionaries arrived, but the plan only barely succeeded.