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"Guerrilla wedding" from I’m Still Here

Someone thought up this scheme as a way to distribute materiél to groups of fighters. It happened at a staged wed­ding at a park in Mejicanos. Some cadres showed up and decorated the park with streamers and cutouts of hearts and lovebirds. There was a guitar band, a priest, mountains of presents on tables. Guests came from all over the city, people who were strang­ers to the neighborhood,...

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"Money Laundering" from I’m Still Here

“We do have a need,” Sister admitted, as Loco on the other side of the partition continued his effort to fix the unfixable. And Loco had heard her sigh that her appeals to the diocese, to foreign charities had not been answered. Beneficial work in communities suffered greatly when guerrillas were fighting openly with the Guardia Civil. Bodies were found in the street nearly every morning,...

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"Santa Muerte death cult" from I’m Still Here

. . . a psychic’s studio with a sign: “Santa Muerte; Consejeria Espiritual y Sentimental; Exorcismos . . .” Inside the space behind a pane of glass, like the viewing window of a hearse, stood a skeleton in a wedding dress, a veil thinly covering the skull, the gown low-cut over the ribcage, and falling from the hips a short-hemmed Confirmation dress strangely resembling a “naughty...

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"San Salvador buses" from I’m Still Here

The traffic was dense with buses, old Blue Bird school buses from the States refitted as municipal buses, individually decorated with monograms, mottoes, talismans, saints and angels, flames around the wheel wells, and names like “Cristo Vive,” “Moto Ecológico” (this on a super-smoker), “Bad Girl,” “Jesusito es Señor,” “Spider Man,” “In God We Trust,” “Crazy for...

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"Autopsy" from I’m Still Here

The corridor ended with armed doors: Alarm Will Sound.Across from them was a door with a frosted glass pane and a sign: Morgue. Two men’s voices filtered through from the other side.

“Women on his shoulders.” The voice paused. Then, “What’s it say on his hands, Doc?”

“One. And eight. Eighteen,” came another voice.

Another pause.

“Hey, hey, what’s this?” came...

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"The Lincoln" from I’m Still Here

He looked up from the phone, taking in the taco truck across the street, the knot of day laborers hanging around to pick up a job, the dope deal going down on the corner, the payday loan place with its flashing yellow sign “Envios de dinero.” Envios was a place Loco used for his transactions, and considering this Castor’s mood darkened further. He terminated the conversation, snapped...

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